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Colorado Aviation Historical Society
Colorado Aviation Historical Society
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Colo Aviation Hall of Fame Phase II with Aviation History Video now open!
Spring Membership Meeting at Wings EOF, coming in March

See Events Calendar for details.


Photos below are a sample of Frank VanDersarl, 1969 Hall of Fame

A new book of VanDersarl being written of by George Thompson, coming soon!

The photos and history of our Hall of Fame Laureates are being updated,
visit the Photo Albums link to your left below, for the latest updates!


Founded in 1966, the Colorado Aviation Historical Society is: "To acquire, restore, preserve and provide for public display, aircraft and other objects, documents, items and things of present or historical interest or value in connection with the development and history or aviation in the State of Colorado and elsewhere".

The Society began its operations in 1967 and the first aviators inducted into the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame in 1969. The Society is 501c3 non-profit organization.

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Charters by Air Denver, Chartering the world since 1981!!

CAHS' first recognized Donor, congratulations to Dave Kempa, Owner and CEO!!

Passenger, air freight, airliner, services, air ambulance, and medical/transplant!!

Visit www.airden.com and 1-800-333-4057!


What's NEW coming in 2022 on the website:
New digital interface being designed for HOF Laureates for Phase III plus rotating exhibit cases.

Hall of Fame Room Phase III Project, need your donations!!! Mail to CAHS/PO Box201615/Denver CO 80220.

HOF nominations always due Aug 1, 2022

AvAr expeditions will reconvene in 2022.

Click Links button and see past expeditions: Aviation archaeology sites and other aviation historical societies in the US.

For photos above go to the Albums Secton for descriptions and captions.

There are currently 168 active members, 149 have e-mail, and 9 have logged in.

We are proud to count 55 Laureates among our members.

Colorado Aviation Historical Society

located at 7711 East Academy Blvd. Denver, CO
mail to: PO BOX 201615 Denver, CO 80220

Office: 303-341-7711