Ken Leach
CAHS Honored in 1983

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Click to view the LEACH_KEN albumKen Leach was born in Bird City, Colorado in February 1928. At the age of twenty, he soloed in a Taylorcraft in Center, Colorado; starting his flying life in earnest. In the areas of the Civil Air Patrol, search and rescue and agricultural flying, Ken proved himself a born lead

Since 1958, Ken's flight service has been in Center, Colorado, where he was a Fixed Base Operator (FBO). He offered instruction, charter service, air ambulance, aerial funeral coach, aerial application and airport operation He was active in San Luis Valley Aviation and community activities and is, today, remembered for many of these unselfish actions. Ken was the flight instructor for over 500 people, and a "tough but fair" FAA examiner. Search and rescue operations, privately and with the CAP, put him into the headlines more often than his other flying activities. He was honored with a number of awards for his rescue work from the CAP, aviation groups and community groups. In 1968, Leach Airfield in Center was dedicated to him as a mark of the community's respect toward him.

Ken has held many ratings for pilots including CFI, CFI 11, FAA Examiner, and he has amassed over 25,000 flying hours.