Dan Partner
CAHS Honored in 1979

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Click to view the PARTNER_DAN albumThis Denver Post editor and writer was born in Henryetta, Oklahoma, on October 13, 1913, but spent all of the years from 1946 in Colorado, his adopted state.

Dan Partner, although not ever a pilot, made a name for himself as an aviation expert and military writer for newspapers. He had no specific training in aviation, but was, rather, self-taught, and learned the business "cold". He was always a promoter of aviation and space programs, becoming involved as often as possible in these fields, by writing about aviation and space activities. As a friend of the Colorado Air National Guard he traveled to the Viet Nam war area three times to cover the activities guard's 120th Tactical Fighter Squadron, which was flying combat missions from Phan Rang Air Base, Viet Nam.

Always wanting to be part of the action, he flew onto aircraft carriers, over both poles, he flew in Mach one and Mach two fighters, and he went on a cruise in a nuclear submarine.

Dan Partner died in 1976.