Proctor W. Nichols
CAHS Honored in 1972

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Click to view the NICHOLS_PROCTOR_W albumProctor W. Nichols was born on December 27, 1902. He received his first flight instruction from Capt. Earl Zimmerman in September 1927. He soloed in an Alexander Eaglerock and later joined the Alexander Company. He started as a draftsman, and he worked with J. Don Alexander, (CAHOF 1970), who was the project engineer for a six place, high-wing aircraft project.

At the Alexander Company, he became a self-taught proficient engineer. By the time the Alexander Bullet airplane came into existence in 1930, he had become Alexanderís chief analyst. He did much of the test flying of aircraft coming out of the Alexander factory during those years.

After the Alexander Aircraft Company closed in the early 1930ís, a victim of the great depression, he briefly operated the Mountain States Air Photo service. In 1932, he leased part of the Alexander buildings to Aircraft Mechanics Inc., AMI, a startup business. He became a principal in the AMI operation, remaining with the company for the next 35 years.

Aircraft Mechanics Inc. remains a viable Colorado Springs business manufacturing crew and passenger seats, military escape systems, ground handling equipment and aircraft components. A 1957 clipping read: "Not an airplane flies in this country that does not have some part fabricated by Aircraft Mechanics."

Proctor Nichols retired from AMI in 1967, as Chairman of the Board.