Mary Babnik Brown
CAHS Honored in 1990

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Click to view the BROWN_MARY_BABNIK albumThis lovely and patriotic lady was born in Pueblo on November 22, 1907, and lived all of her life there. She was part of an economically disadvantaged family, which gave her strong feelings about helping others whenever she could. In her younger years, Mary was known in Pueblo as a fine dancer, and was very striking because of her knee-length blonde hair. She was very proud of this hair, which had never been cut, and she washed it twice each day in natural soap.

An advertisement appeared in the Pueblo newspaper, placed there by the government, asked for some human blonde hair that was at least 22 inches long and which had never been chemically treated. Mary made the gift and it is understood that this hair was used as crosshairs in the ultra-secret Nordon bombsight and some other weather instrumentation devices. She was offered payment in the form of U.S. Savings Stamps, but declined it, being anxious to make this donation toward the WWII war effort. At the time, she was not told what was done with the hair, but the end of the story was uncovered many years later.

Mary was honored in Pueblo on February 22, 1990, which was proclaimed as "Mary Babnik Brown Day". Mary charmed the audience at her award ceremony with her gratitude and her patriotic remarks. Her story became the subject of one of Paul Harvey’s "The Rest of the Story" episodes and it was the subject of an NBC television feature.

Mary Brown received the CAHS' Special Achievement Award at the 1990 Hall of Fame Banquet.

Mary died at 83 years of age in April 1991.