2010 Aviation Archaeology Class Event Report

Lance Barber, Colorado AvAr Program Overview

AvAr is an extremely dedicated organization of aviation history enthusiasts. Our mission is to research historic aviation properties (i.e. crash sites, abandoned airfields, derelict missile facilities, early aeronautical navigation sites, etc.) that meet official criteria for inclusion on the federal historic register and incorporate this information in a central database. By following established procedures and incorporating scientific methodology, AvAr is much more than a bunch of "wreck chasers" out to find some souvenirs; it is a self-regulated, trained force of annalists, conservators and stewards. Since 2005 our volunteer members have exhausted a considerable amount of time and personal energy in pursuit of this goal. What started as a simple interest for a few has grown into a special opportunity for many others!

Diversity is perhaps one of the greatest hallmarks that distinguish this group from others. The only prerequisite for inclusion is enthusiasm. Whether you want to spend some of your spare time out in the wilds or cloistered in scholarly research, we're interested in those who truly want to make a difference and possibly leave their mark on history. Our ranks are comprised of businessman, craftsmen, intellectuals, and laymen. We enjoy the active participation of a great many talented individuals and it is this range of skill-sets that contributes to our growing success.
Members of this team take pride in the fact that they represent a unique guard, formed by a common bond of interest and specialized training. If you are interested in learning more about AvAr expeditions, then please visit our website at: www.coloradoaviationarchaeology.org.

Should you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to contact me at either aviator_b@msn.com or my personal cell (970) 405-5377.
Brian D. Richardson, AvAr Program Director
Lance Barber, CAHS Director and Special Projects

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