2011 North American Aviation Archaeology Summit Event Report

Lance Barber, Public Information Release -- September 30, 2010

Preserve, protect, promote and honor our vast aviation heritage through stewardship, ethically responsible research, investigation, exploration, and excavation of relevant sites and facilities, while also providing information and education so that others will remember and may be inspired.

That is the mission statement of Aviation Archaeology and Heritage Association (AAHA), an exciting new organization dedicated to the furtherance of aviation as a specific discipline of historic archaeology.

Over the weekend of April 17/18, 2010, twenty-five delegates from across Canada and the United States gathered in Broomfield, Colorado, with the express purpose of creating
a multi-national aviation archaeology organization.

Discussion topics throughout this two day conference focused primarily on issues of establishment, management and direction of such a diverse, international system. While often lively and spirited, consensus on most all issues addressed was ultimately reached. Those items of consideration failing a unanimous vote were tabled for future debate.

After many hours of serious consideration the attendees of this symposium, representing both professional and avocational aviation archaeology and wreckchasing interests at large, decided upon the following:

1. That a need [truly] exists to form a strong organization which will represent all interests involved with this pursuit.
2. That the name of this organization shall be Aviation Archaeology and Heritage Association (AAHA).
3. That a sound constitution must be developed in order to define, guide and protect all members of this organization.
4. That benefit of services provided should equal or exceed cost of membership.
5. That simple, unilateral protocol for the conduct of surveying and or excavating historically significant artifacts must be created.

While a great many other subjects were broached, this determined group managed to focus primarily on the essentials, thanks to the employment of an appointed moderator. It was agreed that undecided issues shall be postponed until the next general gathering, but a set of bylaws would be drafted, in the meantime, for ratification by attendees at that meeting. It was further agreed that election of officers would be held until at that meeting, as well.
All things considered, it was decided that the best time and location for the next gathering
would be in Las Vegas, Nevada (you can get there from anywhere) on the weekend of April 29th through May 1st, 2011 (after spring break and before the Memorial Day holiday). Other factors considered were the airfare and hotel rates for this time of year, as well as the fact that there are two crash sites close to Las Vegas for conference attendees to visit. More information about this summit will be posted as time draws nearer.

Whether you have an interest to simply visit historic aeronautical sites or become more involved in their official recordation, Aviation Archaeology and Heritage Association (AAHA) intends to become the clearinghouse and focal point for such activity on a worldwide basis.

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