AvAr La Junta AAF Expedition Event Report

Lance Barber, From Brian Richardson:
AvAr will be returning to La Junta over the weekend of September 21/23, 2012, with four specific missions. The first will be to finish collecting data on the remaining hangar so that we may complete our submission to the State Historic Register.

Second, we will try to locate and survey the original (pre-WWII) runways, taxiways, hangar and beacon locations that were constructed for the Continental Airlines operation on the west side of the field.

The third focus area will be to dig some select test pits in the trash midden area on the southwest side of the old base, down by the former motor pool. These will be done in layers to determine the depth of debris scatter and possible extent of the post-war dumping.

Finally, time permitting, we will try to determine if the site known as the "tree dump" was actually closer to the base than the site so identified presently. Anecdotal evidence suggests this is where the aircraft remains removed from the boneyard were buried.

On Saturday (22nd), the town will be celebrating Airport Fun Day. This is sort of a mini fly-in/airshow and usually draws a pretty good crowd. We have been offered some space on the ramp with the other vendors to set-up a table or booth for display. We will need one or two team members to volunteer for a few hours and chat with folks about our organization and the La Junta project.

I plan to arrive in La Junta on Thursday to prepare (i.e. hob-knob with the city and museum folks). Also, time permitting, I'd like to try and scan what documents and materials that are in the museum collection that we were unable to secure on the last trip.

As was the case last year, those who want to camp at the airport can do so. I will forward some hotel info as time draws nearer.

The current plan is to start operations at 9:00 am on Friday, and conclude NLT 12:00 pm on Sunday, allowing for a comfortable travel window.

We will need all levels of participation for this mission: diggers, walking surveyors, data recorders, and members who want to talk to airshow attendees. If you plan to attend, please let me know at your earliest convenience so I can begin planning resources for each project.

I hope to see you all there.



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