AvAr Training Class Event Report

Lance Barber, 2020 AvAr Indoctrination Course
Colorado Aviation Historical Society is pleased to announce that it will be offering an Aviation Archaeology Indoctrination course on Saturday, April 25, 2020, in Boulder, Colorado. The cost of this course, which includes all necessary materials, refreshments and noontime meal, is $99.00. There are no special prerequisites or educational requirements to attend, just an interest to learn and participate.
AvAr candidates attending the course will receive basic instruction in field work, documentation, research methodology, and general laws pertaining to such operations. In addition, internationally recognized members of the aviation archaeology community have consented to attend and provide briefings on expeditions in Europe as well as the South Pacific.
Completion of the AvAr Indoctrination course provides an individual with the fundamental skillsets required to get started in the field of aviation archaeology. Any graduate of this course may further qualify for CAHS AvAr Field Agent credentials once they have attended an AvAr field expedition. (Note: There is no cost to attend an AvAr field expedition. Once you have completed the Indoc course, you will be placed on AvArís alert list and will be invited to all AvAr field work during the following 12 calendar months. You need only attend one of those expeditions to earn the AvAr Field Agent credential.)
The Colorado Aviation Historical Society AvAr (Aviation Archaeology) program was created in 2005 for the purpose of providing all Society members with an opportunity to join in the collection and preservation of our aviation heritage through an organized activity. To meet this end, pioneers in the field of aviation archaeology developed a training program that would ensure safe, informed and methodical conduct of operations in the field for all AvAr team members, regardless their previous experience level. Since its inception, AvAr has graduated more than forty candidates from this training program.
Interested applicants should contact Mr. Brian Richardson aviator_b@msn.com or Mr. Lance Barber CB1974@aol.com for further information.


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