Everett L. Aden 

Everett L. "Ev" Aden - Honored 1983
Ev Aden started on a long history of airline flying with a solo flight on July 15, 1941 in Wheatland, Wyoming. He had moved there from Rising City, Nebraska, where he was born May 5, 1921. Ev accumulated a number of ratings and much experience, including private pilot, mechanic, parachute rigger, commercial pilot, CFI, ART, and Aircraft Dispatcher, and had Icelandic and Canadian pilot licenses, as well as being an examiner for the FAA. He flew helicopters, many of the largest airliners, and the private planes he owned. Ev entered the United States Navy in 1942 and served as a flight instructor for about three years. During this time, he flew the N3N3, Stearman, N2S, Curtiss SNV, SNJ, Howard NH-1, DC-3, PBM and Coronado PB2Y. After the war, Ev joined Frontier Airlines and rose to become their chief pilot, and he also flew for Monarch and Western Airlines. While working with Frontier, he was assigned to work with Iceland on a safety-training program for Flugfelag Island Airways, specializing on radio beacons and navigation. During his airline flying, Ev was rated on DC-3, CV-340, CVAK 340 (Convair 580), Boeing 727 and 737. While in the airlines, he created formal training programs for these organizations as major contributions to safe flying. Much of this time was in Colorado where he was a major factor in the safe operation of Colorado-based airlines. During his 341/2 years of flying with Monarch and Frontier, Ev took not one day of sick leave. Over the years thousands of Denverites saw the annual flying of the cross on Christmas Eve. Frontier Airlines, the Denver Post and Ray Wilson, sponsored these flights from 1946-1959. Ev was the pilot. Ev and his wife, Carrie, lived at Van Aire, where they flew their Cessna 180, and where he taught his three sons to fly. Others in his family flew and worked in the aviation business. While flying an airliner on July 16, 1945 at 5:30 AM, he witnessed the explosion of the world's first atom bomb. Ev Aden's 30,000+ hours of accident-free flying time is an inspiration to Colorado pilots and the nation.
He passed away January 10, 2008.

Aden, Everett 169-170
Aden, Everett 169-170
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