Weatherman Ed Bowman 

Weatherman Ed Bowman -- Special Achievement Award honored 1989.
Ed Bowman of Denver was born in Iowa City, Iowa, on March 9, 1923. During WWII, he served as a B-17 navigator in Europe. After the war he attended the University of Iowa, graduating in 1946 with a degree in journalism. Ed's meteorological career began in 1950 with Denver’s KOA Radio, where he developed a personalized technique in weather forecasting that endeared him to farmers, housewives and pilots. He broadcast for Channel Two, Four and Seven, and he was equally at home on radio or television. His last radio studio was a small room in his home basement, but people couldn't tell from the sound that he was not in the downtown studio. His Super Jet Stream, Tonapaugh Low, and Trough Aloft became part of our everyday vocabulary. As a pilot, Ed talked the pilots' language and enjoyed tailoring the weather reports for them. If talking to aviators on a morning broadcast, he might advise, "If you are planning a flight east today, I recommend you climb to 12,000 feet, where you will pick up a westerly jet stream tailwind of 40 miles per hour. Happy landings." Ed owned and flew a much sought-after antique airplane, a WWII era Ryan ST-A, two-place, open sport trainer plane. Once at an air show, the Ryan shredded its wooden propeller, causing an emergency landing, involving a cartwheel and an upside-down ending. Ed escaped with no injury, but it was quite awhile before the plane would be in shape to fly again. Ed has been of great service to the Aviation Historical Society, by being the Master of Ceremonies more than once for annual banquets, for which we thank him.
Ed Bowman passed away on July 4th, 1994, at the age of 71.

Bowman, Ed 249-250
Bowman, Ed 249-250
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