Wynet Coomer 

Wynett "Wynn" A. Coomer - Honored 2002
reet in 1921, Wynn is a true Coloradoan. Except for military assignments, he has been here all of his life to our benefit.
The man we have come to know as Brigadier General Wynett Coomer, first caught the flying bug as a young boy standing on Colorado Boulevard scanning the miles of undeveloped fields to see Charles Lindbergh land at an airstrip at Lowry.
Wynn graduated from North High School and was attending Colorado College when he was called up by the US Army Air Corps. He earned his wings at Marfa, Texas in 1944 and was en route to combat in the South Pacific when the war ended.
On returning home, Wynn entered the University of Denver and then was hired by United Airlines in 1946 starting a 35 year career as a pilot and valued member of the team, flying about 25,000 hours for UAL. He purchased a military surplus P-39 fighter to keep up with exciting flying.
About this time, he found another home in the Colorado Air National Guard where Capt. Coomer flew over 100 combat missions in Korea.
Later, for the 140th, he competed with all other Air National Guard Wings and won the first place trophies in the aerial gunnery competition.
In 1956, concurrent with his UAL flying, Wynn became the solo pilot in the Minute Men Aerial Demonstration Team, the only full time civilian pilot to also fly on a military demonstration team. For over three years he flew all of the shows at great personal expense. He then became Commander of the 120th TFS and also Chief of Staff of the Colorado Air National Guard.
In 1968 when his squadron was sent to Viet Nam, Wynn volunteered to fly five missions for theatre indoctrination. This five grew to twenty before he was found out and returned stateside to become Director of Operations of the 140th Wing.
This citizen soldier has flown 120 combat missions, in two wars and accumulated over 5000 hours of military flying time to go with the thousands of hours of airline flying time.
General Coomer truly had a dual life as a military and civilian aviator, contributing in many ways to his United States. He has been awarded the Distinguished Service Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, seven Air Medals and other awards. He was also awarded the Colorado Meritorious Service Medal.
Wynn Coomer was always popular with his enlisted men and was concerned about their welfare at all times. Brigadier General Coomer and his family have been important contributing members of their community and state. He has brought considerable recognition to himself as he served the State of Colorado.
Coomer passed away May 25, 2003.

Coomer Wyn, 359-360
2002 HOF (Archive)
Coomer Wyn, 359-360
2002 HOF (Archive)
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