William R. Dunn 

William "Bill" Dunn - Honored in 1982.
Bill Dunn was born the son of an Indian Agent in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1916. He soloed in an OX-5 powered Waco 9, in 1930 at the age of 14.
In 1937, he entered the U.S. Army as a Private. Two years later he entered the Canadian Army in the "Seaforth Highlanders of Canada", rising to grade of Sergeant. He volunteered for flight training during the Battle of Britain and became the first fighter pilot in the Eagle Squadron of American Volunteers to shoot down an enemy aircraft in WWII. When the US entered the war, Bill transferred to the US Army Air Force (USAAF). He became the first American Ace of WWII with a score of 27 1/2 victories, 15 1/2 in the air, and 12 on the ground. He flew in the Normandy invasion, and in support of Gen. Patton's army as it moved across Western Europe. Later in WWII he served in the Burma China India (CBI) theater. He received 19 combat decorations, 24 service medals and his many citations
After his retirement from the US Air Force in 1973, Bill became a frequent lecturer to Air Force Academy cadets, CAP cadets and to students seeking career information about the military and aviation activities. He was a member in the American Flying Aces and a member of several aviation-authors groups. He amassed over 8400 flying hours.
Bill Dunn died in 1995.

Dunn, William 161-162
Dunn, William 161-162
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